On the New York Burlesque Festival – Saturday Spectacular


J.D. was a hack and a scoundrel
Who dreamt of writing less mongrel
His own heart was true
And he aimed for haiku
But his hangover left him with doggerel.
Murray Hill:
“People, we are uptown—let me hear it!”
—Sold Out Show—
“Put this on your fuckin’ Facebook”
Heavenly body
O, Thus Spake Zarathustra:
Slay me already.
Julie Atlas Muz:
Rap powdered donut
That’s the sound of the police
You’re too hot, so Freeze!
(Cops/Robbers be one
As your mirror does show us
You’re just a badass.)
Fisherman Orchestra with Brian Newman:
O your vibes
Give me groovy vibes
B. you knock me
Into the St. James
Long lashes
Butterfly kisses
So transplendant in blue…
We need ya
Please, don’t move to Argentina
Nasty Canasta:
Nasty so witty
Coney, so lonely
(Burlesque conquers politics)
If only
Anna Fur Laxis:
Good girl / Bad girl
Scared / Snarl
Bible Beater / Tassel twirler
We’ll take you both
Sweet harmonies
Gimme more
Ruby Valentine:
Ruby is a redhead?
Bride all in red?
Our hearts race quick from dead.
Dr. Lukki:
Murray’s eyes
O your thighs…
Indigo Blue & Leroi the Girl Boi:
Hot lesbo lemon
Squirting each other beats porn
“Sour Pussy.”  Damn.
Renea la Roux:
Aristocrat goth
Amadeaus do rock us
Buxom incarnate
Sexy Da Vinci:
O so fab
Sexy, “ha!”
Gay for you
Vivien Va Voom:
Journey is hip now
But we prefer your hips, Viv
Fly us to Denver
Anita Cookie:
Oh, Neil was a fool
To so wrongly ignore you
We’ll eat that Cookie
Gigi la Femme:
Hot as Tabasco
Wanna steal you away from
Doc Wasabasco
Gravity Plays Favorites:
Two smokin’-hot chicks
Picked up circus tricks
And “just playing,” found new moves of their own.
Now two smokin’babes
Cavorting in play
Make a motherfucking crowd ooh aah and moan.
Angie Pontani:
Green peacock
Of our wildest dreams
Ooh, shake it
Ms. Tickle:
Requiem beauty
To touch your wings, your rib cage,
Hauntingly lovely
Melody Sweets:
Gold Cleopatra
Ravenous sound, fury’s sight
“Did you hear that?” Yes.
Hot Toddy:
Prayed to the devil …
(that he’d do his devil bit)
Prayed to the right one
Starshine Burlesque:
We’re children again
When we hear “Ma-na-ma-na”
Aroused children, natch
Violet Eva (with apologies for hackwork in your nation’s fine art.):
Japanese cutie
Diaphanous shake shimmy
Quick, sensual charm
Dirty Martini:
Oh Dirty Dirty
So Dirty Dirty Dirty
We swoon, swept so clean
Jo Boobs
What is there to say—
Perfect in every damn way—
Jo, good as silence
Lux la Croix:
Oh, what a feeling
Make it happen (for us, now)
Amber Ray:
Oh snap, that wasp waist
And tassels like 6-shooters
Make the whole world swoon
Tigger!, my n-word
We love to see your peepee
Better still in gold
A three-and-a-half hour show
With no intermission
Holy fuck
I need some smokin’ and pissin’.
Kiss kiss,

All photos © Melody Mudd. For hi-rez images please contact her at melodymudd@gmail.com.

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  • What poetry! You brought a big smile to my face with this review, JD!

    More poetry review please!

    Love, Kellita

  • JD, you rule.

    • jdoxblood

      Thanks Jo! I learned it by watching you!