TONIGHT: MAN: A TEASE! 5 — Tigger!s Bachelor Party onstage!


In a city as densely talented as New York, we have burlesque performers, we have strippers, and we have groundbreaking downtown experimentalists.  We even have a few over-the-top stunners who qualify for all three–Like the original King of Boylesque, Tigger!  I would personally add to that list “gay icon,” but I recently got called out for using the term “gay” by someone (an important someone, actually) who said, firmly, “I identify as queer.”  So I don’t want to piss anyone off.  (Y’know, people call me “straight,” but actually, I identify as only slightly crooked.)

Well, whatever Tigger is, he’s a bona fide badass, and tonight he’s out at Coney Island for the latest installment of Man–A Tease! (say it quickly to dig the beachy pun) AND celebrate his bachelor party, because unless you’ve been living under a rock lobster, you know that marriage amongst same-sex individuals is now kosher in the Big Rotten Apple, and that means Tigger’s gonna make it legal.  So if you haven’t made out with him yet, this might be your last chance.  Get thee to Coney!




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