Golden Pasties Winners – NYBF 2011

(Hosted by Miss Astrid +1)

The Shining Star Award: The World Famous *BOB*

Miss Congeniality: Bettina May

The Backstage Bestie: Minnie Tonka

The Boozebag: (Tie) Minnie Tonka & Tigger!

Perfect Posterior: Gal Friday (who accepted while eating a mini-burger–pimping our afterparty?–and shook her moneymaker while chomping away)

The Drama Award (most likely to star in her own biopic): Amber Ray

Glitter Monster: Amber Ray

Purple Pastie: Brewster (for dislocating his knee during an act, knocking it back into place, and FINISHING the act. Legend has it that it’s all on film, and was actually used as his audition video for entrance to the NYBF!)

Sexting: Jo “Boobs” Weldon

The Biggest Tease: Melody Sweets

Rupaul Award: World Famous *BOB*

Kissing Bandit: Tigger!

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