Hotter than Hell Burlesque—Dallas


Satan's Angel

By Schmidty Says

August 6, 2011

The Kessler Theater, Dallas

When I heard Satan’s Angel was bringing her fiery tatas to town I nearly shat my pants. This living legend is revered as one of the most electrifying personalities in the Burlesque community from yesterday to today. The fact that she has been performing for over 50 years proves that her vast experience and smoking hot expertise is a highly sought-after commodity. La Divina Productions assembled a sophisticated showcase that combined fresh and vintage elements for Hotter than Hell Burlesque. In my opinion it proved to be an exemplary burlesque production and an immeasurable success for the Dallas scene.
We arrived at the Kessler Theater early hoping to get good seats but we were kept waiting by the bar while the staff finished setting up. Within the first 10 minutes a swarm of folks crammed into the cozy confines and quickly became well acquainted.  When the auditorium doors opened the vintage kittens and frank fellas scooted through the hallway quicker than you can say La Divina Burlesque. The flat style seating left little room for our camera stands so we ventured up the stairs for a better glimpse of the action.

Iva Handful

After prancing around the auditorium nabbing pictures and sharing pleasantries, I popped back into my seat to enjoy some terrific tantalizing tease. Iva Handful blew the pants off the place with her “Firestarter” act. The tension behind her eyes and snarl on her lips lit up the stage almost as much as her electrifying feather fans. She integrated vibrant energy and cheeky provocation to bring the audience to a roaring howl of applause. I thought, damn if this is just the first act, I can’t wait to see what’s next!

I was still dazed and a little drunk off excitement when Lady Divina strolled on stage. The music altered to harness a virile vibe, leading to a collared shirt peel with sex appeal. Trained in every standard of classical tease, Lady Divina revealed her prime assets one by one and right on time.

Marilyn Mongoure was simple, sweat and sultry throughout her symphony of swanky starlet enchantment. A rookie to the game but obviously holding a natural flame, this diva is a sight to behold.

Athena Fatale always makes me melt with her rockabilly style and dominatrix disposition.  This spicy she-devil spread her legs and birthed an inferno all her own. Then she got down on her knees and prayed to her lord of the flame. Topless and shameless she beckoned a fiery beast that possessed her essence to uncover the lust-filled sorceress residing inside her.

Marilyn Monrouge

Iris L’Mour is our very own renaissance gal. Sultry can’t even begin to explain her mesmerizing movements and authentic costume collections.  Her curvaceous classy style broke free to wreak havoc on the hearts of her onlookers.

I must have seen Ginger Valentine a hundred times and I swear she gets better every time I see her. Buxom brunette brings a certain razzle dazzle to each show that is an undeniably show stopping spectacular.

Jett Adore showed the true nature of a playboy with in bow tie plated nipples and red ribbon fedora.  The ladies hollered and I think a couple fainted when he removed the hat from his ding dong to allow for an unraveling affect that awoke a thunderous applause.

Nicky Madrid and Iris L’Mour dished out a devilishly dramatic pirate-esque masterpiece. Filled with jealousy, lust and rage Nicky throws his lady love to the floor then strips down in front of her. Their heated embrace doesn’t last long before Iris takes his hat and leaves him holding his shame.

Jett Adore’s peacock set my britches ablaze. Ordinarily I don’t prefer opera music, but if it means a beautiful man will blind me with desire and glittery tassels, I’m all ears. Jett Adore please feel free to stick your nose (or any other part of you) in my business anytime you want!

Ginger Valentine

When I saw Ginger Valentine’s second act I couldn’t help but think the little mermaid had grown up in a big big way! But she shed that shiny dress soon enough and brought sexy back with her naughty dream of Jeanie. There’s no wonder she is our reigning New Orleans Queen of Burlesque. Your vivacity and exuberance won you that title lady, congrats!

Hallelujah and praise Satan’s Angel. This timeless beauty rocked her hips and tits into our hearts this night. She brought everything but the kitchen sink, including a feather fan, black boa, flaming tassels and an extraordinary black cape that Satan himself may want back. These items aided an all-encompassing burlesque routine that could go down in the hall of fame for most elaborate and eclectic dance of all time. The performers joined her back on stage after she finished, and bowed down before her greatness, Miss Satan’s Angel.

Once the show was over I rushed around getting autographs, pictures and hugs from all the performers. Miss Black Maria was in the back selling pictures for the acclaimed queen of the fire tassels. I bought my favorite pic and hurried down stairs to get a personalized autograph from my new found love. After waiting patiently, the straight shooting, devilishly divine doll signed my picture, “Schmidty, you could have shaved your legs twice waiting on me, when I should have been waiting on you.” I almost shed a tear, but instead I grabbed her boob and posed for a picture, because that’s how Schmidty rolls! Thanks Satan’s Angel, not only are you an inspiration to us all but your just one hell of a lady!

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