Melody Mudd Weds J.D. Oxblood

While BqB never claimed to be a news site, it would seem unfitting to fail to print news when it happens. Today, somewhere around noonish, the lovely and wonderful Ms. Melody Mudd took J.D. Oxblood’s hand in marriage. The editors would like to quote Doc Wasabassco, who said at a show on Friday attended by J.D., Melody, and their family and friends, “I don’t recommend it myself, but they seem to like each other.” That they do. The editors would also like to apologize for not remembering the credit for the above photo (taken in Vegas at the BHOF 2010). Photos of the actual wedding ceremony were not available at press time. The happy couple are looking forward to celebrating wildly with their friends this evening, and eagerly anticipate celebrating with the rest of their friends in Las Vegas later in the month. While no one can speculate if it was truly burlesque that brought them together, it is undeniable that this community has greatly enriched their lives, and their life together.


J.D. Oxblood & Melody Mudd,

a.k.a. Mr. and Mrs. Muddblood

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