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The Burlesque Hall of Fame, the world’s only museum dedicated to preserving the legacy of burlesque, needs your help. At the beginning of July, the Burlesque Hall of Fame was informed that the building where the vast majority of our collection is stored would be seized under eminent domain for the widening of Interstate 15, Las Vegas’ main interstate artery. 

Our collection consists of thousands of costumes, photos, posters, stage props, scrapbooks, and other items associated with lives and careers of some of the biggest stars not just in burlesque but of the stage and screen, too: Gypsy Rose Lee, Ann Corio, Sally Rand, Lili St. Cyr, Tura Satana, April March, Jayne Mansfield, Blaze Starr, Tempest Storm, and of course our own Jennie Lee and Dixie Evans, among hundreds of others. It is a critical piece of history.

This sudden, unexpected development is not one our modest operating budget can easily cover. While we’re looking into all available options for assistance to cover direct moving costs, our needs are much greater than any agency is likely to offer. At a minimum, the collection must be inventoried and each piece examined, packed for transit, moved, and then re-inventoried and re-examined. And of course, we want to do more than the minimum.

The current facilities are climate-controlled, pest-controlled, and secure, but lack any space to organize or work with our collection. While the timing of this new move is far from ideal (you can barely move your arms in Las Vegas in August, much less a museum), it presents an ideal opportunity for us to not just continue to shelter the collection in “suspended animation” but to fully revive it, by upgrading to facilities where we can access, study, and restore these priceless historical treasures.

Our goal, above and beyond simply protecting our collection, is to provide the facilities our collection deserves: a larger space to accommodate new acquisitions, with shelves and racks for properly organizing everything, archival-quality storage materials to store it in, and suitable environment to work in. Your tax-deductible contribution will bring us closer to this goal, and to the larger goal of being able once again to put these pieces on display in all their glory, both virtually and in person.

Here’s what you get

In addition to the incredible feeling of satisfaction that supporting the Burlesque Hall of Fame gives you, we are offering the following premiums to IndieGoGo donors:

  • Donate $25 and we’ll list your name on a special “Thank You” wall on our website.
  • Donate $50 and you’ll get your name on the “Thank You” wall AND a 2012 Weekender T-Shirt in the size of your choice.
  • Donate $100 and you’ll get your name on the “Thank You” wall, a 2012 Weekender T-Shirt, AND an exclusive BHoF logo tote bag that we’re having made special just for this fundraiser.
  • Donate $500 and you’ll get everything we already mentioned AND an invitation to attend (free of charge, of course) a special VIP Event held in Las Vegas during 2013 BHoF Weekender, where you will join other elite BHoF supporters and a bevy of special guests.
  • Donate $1000 and you get to bring a date. That is, you’ll get TWO invitations to the VIP event, TWO T-Shirts, TWO tote bags, and we’ll even put two names on the “Thank You” wall if you want.

Please support Burlesque Hall of Fame now.

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