10TH Annual New York Burlesque Festival!


Cool air, night that falls ever more quickly, and that edge of your seat “back to school” feeling that comes every year even if you’re well past ever going back to school. Fall is here, and that means new beginnings, steep-angled sunlight—so flattering to women in sweaters and men in leather jackets—and behind the winking eye of the street, the next installment of the New York Burlesque Festival. Ten years in, and starting Thursday, bringing you 7 events in 4 days and more hot performers than can fit in an illegal Big Gulp. A big Brooklyn welcome from BqB to all the performers from out of town gracing our stage, and as usual, we’re looking forward to seeing the usual Gotham suspects.

Glam it out, blow it out, bust it out and let it all hang out. Don’t forget to pace yourself, and we’ll see you on the other side of Sunday night!



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