J.D. Oxblood’s Top 7 Moments of the 2012 New York Burlesque Festival

7. Evelyn Vinyl, cutting quite the figure, coyly bites her finger during the raffle at BB Kings, upstaging everyone else from downstage.


6. Wrong Note Rusty and a baby seal. We don’t know what’s wrong with that boy, but we like it.


5. The Hot Sardines at the Bell House. A warmup act so blistering, we needed Don Spiro to remind us that the “show” hadn’t started yet.


4. Scotty the Blue Bunny, early to the BqB afterparty, rubbing his pussy up on all the big black ladies hanging out at POP Burger.


3. Trixie Little, telling a story offstage, describing someone’s response to a gorgeous performer, executes a booming old-school “aaaaOOOOOga!”


2. Jo Boobs, accepting her nth Golden Pastie: “Can you see my pubic hair through this dress? Can you see it now?”


1. Miss Astrid, bringing Sunday night to a dead stop, bringing Highline security guard Santana onstage, eventually enticing the big teddy bear to “hold” her, in every sense of the word.

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