#StripperProblems No.1 — “Butt Facial”

[As part of BurlesqueBeat’s evolution into a full-fledged, well-rounded online magazine, we have long desired a comic strip of our very own. We were delighted to meet—via mutual muggle friends—the talented Lauren Barnett, who publishes her quirkily hilarious (and wonderfully low-fi) strip “Me Likes You” DAILY (think about that, procrastinators) which has also been collected in a book by Hic and Hoc and nominated for an Ignatz Award. BqB’s resident maniac JDX thought, why not marry Ms. Barnett’s off-beat sensibility and spot-on commentary with highlights from the burlesque world’s Twitter feed? Better yet, we’ll call it what it is.

Now published on the First and Third Wednesdays of each month, BqB is proud to bring you:  #StripperProblems.

Your welcome. —ED.]




 By Lauren Barnett * Created by L.B. & JDX

hashtag stripper problems comic by Lauren Barnett featuring tweet by burlesque performer Nasty CanastaLauren Barnett has been making comics since 2007. Me Likes You Very Much, her Ignatz-nominated debut book, was published by Hic and Hoc Publications in April 2012. You can find her daily offerings at melikesyou.com. 


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