Burlesque Round-up for Jan. 30, 2014

[A weekly-ish look at the news in burlesque. Edited by J.D. Oxblood.]

First, New York: The legendary Apollo Theater turned 80 years old last Sunday, and please remember that it was originally the Hurtig and Seamon’s New Burlesque Theater. And for whites only. Such an interesting history, America! This week the local news was percolating about Jen Gapay’s Filthy Gorgeous Valentine’s show and Broadway Bares: Winter Burlesque, the annual fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, which raised $32,781. Remember, they’re actors, so they can totally fake it, and the pix look great. And our girl Media Queen Francine got covered by Gothamist for her Miss Twin Peaks—NSFW photo spread! 

The upcoming Spring bacchanal Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend is getting plugged by the Sacramento Bee—the Sacramento Bee!

The Va Va Vixens get ink spilled in Louisville (International readers, that’s a town in Kentucky, which is where they make bourbon, which is better than any whiskey from Canada or Scotland. Please ask your bartender to look into it.)

The English baker Charlotte White is baking cakes inspired by burlesque costumes and has a book coming out. The Hull Daily Mail profiles 50 year-old (she gave her age?) Lorraine Courtney and her burlesque school of Ruby Reds. (American readers: there’s this place called the U.K., part of which is also called England, where your language comes from. It’s full of interesting small towns, much like the Dairy Queen-besotted midriff of your country. Hull is in the East Riding of Yorkshire. I don’t know what a “Riding” is.) 

And in Glasgow, they’re giving away tickets to a show called Valentine’s in New York. Apparently some people will believe my town is called the “Big Melon.” I like it.

“Titty Bar Ha Ha” happened in Perth.

There was some West Hollywood burlesque versus boylesque — the ultimate battle of the sexes,” and coming up, Sweet Sultry Burlesque in Los Angeles, with a live band. 

In web-land, the Burlesque Bible is asking you to send them selfies holding their mag. 

Apparently, there’s a Vermont Burlesque Festival. With bowling.

And in Lansing, Autumn Luciano is promoting the Spiral Video & Dance Bar’s next burlesque and drag show. She says, “We’re hoping to grow the event and eventually book huge names in the burlesque and drag communities.” Free tip: Stop calling your show Tease-O-Rama! That name’s taken! And that’s a no-no!

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