Burlesque Round-up for Feb. 13, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day! Where lovers everywhere are looking for a way to spice it up, and burlesquers everywhere are looking for a way to cash in.

In New York, there’s a freakshow in Coney Island, And the Beth B New York burlesque film Exposed is now out on DVD. And Cyndi Freeman gets a nice Q&A. 

X Burlesque, the topless show at the Flamingo in Vegas, celebrates 12 years, and there’s a Vegas-themed show in Cleveland. Absinthe’s Melody Sweets is debuting… um, sadly the link seems to be broken. A fire-eating DJ plays at burlesque in Lake Tahoe, and a show in Monterrey from someone who worked with prostitutes in India. 

Q&A with Baltimore’s Maria Bella of Gilded Lily.

It sounds redundant, but there was a Game of Thrones burlesque in West Palm Beach.

There’s a Boom Boom burlesque show at a Feed N Seed in Lafayette—not sure which Lafayette, but guessing it’s in the South. And you can choose burlesque or Chippendales? down in Dallas.

This all-nude event in Toronto is getting great press and looks muy interesante. Plus more burlesque Valentine’s events than you can shake a stick at in Toronto, and the Screaming Chickens get after it in Vancouver. And in Ottowa, office-themed burlesque—useful, and also has the most alluring press photo of the week. And the Suicide Girls are touring Canada.

A burlesque Nazi act has got everyone riled in the antipodes (Oz! So political!) But there’s also  Naked Girls Reading in South Australia. 

More fun Americana-inspired burlesque in another small town in the UK. Next stop, the UK, and let’s skip London entirely. And more UK bq, complete with Dita Von Teese tribute. But it would be nice to see Pepper Mills’ (great name!) breast cancer benefit. (She also did Beastie Boys Burlesque.) Check out the Q&A.


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