Burlesque Round-up for Feb. 20, 2014

Top story: Irv Benson, top banana from the 1930s, turned 100 years old. 

In New York, last night Hotsy Totsy brought Lebowski burlesque to the Slipper Room.  (And this guy watched Rosebud get sculpted in wire on Gansevoort.) In Vegas, Melody Sweets is moving over to the Million Dollar Quartet.

In the UK, Kiki DeVilleis getting tons of press for appearing on the Voice, billing herself as a “burlesque singer.” Also something is happening somewhere in the UK (don’t know why these small paper blogs don’t say where they are) but the photo is gorgeous. 

This is Cabaret says about “Burlesque on Ice,” “early signs are not good,” confirming 21st Century’s impression.

And in this West Australian article, someone seems to think the Suicide Girls invented burlesque. 

In Vancouver, the freaks get their own talent agency in BoneRattle Talent.

Baltimore Block stripper-turned-novelist returned to do some stripping with Angie Pontani, and she loved “bumping” with Brian Newman’s band.  And if you like fantasizing about other gigs, dig this parody article about a burlesquer-turned-crime fighter.

Ferris Bueller strip-off in Philly.

In the Midwest, there’s burlesque in Omaha, Nebraska. And at the University of Iowa.

These twins in San Francisco say it’s NOT burlesque.

And thank you to the Rose City school in Portland who say these names are overused and forbidden: ‘Kitten, Kitty, Vixen and Honey, or anything with “Von” or “de Ville” or “Lux” or “Deluxe.”’

There’s also this bullshit in Slate, in which the author calls herself a journalist but never tells us the name of her burlesque instructor, the school, or even what city she’s in.

And if you haven’t seen the pictures of Kate Upton in zero gravity, you’re just not paying attention.

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