Burlesque Weekly-ish Round-up for March 20, 2014

Big news for many folks in the “community” this week are the announcements of the Burlesque Hall of Fame line up, as burlesquers all over announce they’re performing*, do a quick shot if they’re not, or cross their fingers if they’re on the dreaded “stand-by” list. The rest of us start laying bets.

*Evelyn Vinyl’s announcement even made my Google alerts.


In Vegas, Vegas Nocturne is boasting of “neo” burlesque. And they’ve started pimping Viva. 

Free show in D.C.   Iowa now has a school. More on Pink Box in Tuscaloose—who does their PR? And Drag-lesque in Boulder.

Interview with Vorpal Suicide down under.

Burlesque and board games in Ottowa. and never a dull moment in Montreal.

For the U.K., you have to get into the small towns. Yeovil?

Don’t miss the flap about Hindu burlesque in Seattle, or this interview with Murray Hill.

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