And the Golden Pastie Goes To…..

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Winners of the 12th Annual New York Burlesque Festival Golden Pastie Awards

September 28

High Line Ballroom, Chelsea

The Burlesque Performer Most Likely To Become A Life Coach — Legs Malone

The Flash Dancer Award — Aurora Black (NYC)

The Golden Selfie Award — Stella Chuu (NYC)

The Tmi Award — Stella Chuu (NYC)

The Rockette Award — Harvest Moon (NYC)

The Chatterbox Award (Presented by Jen Gapay, as host Bastard Keith was nominated) — Murray Hill (NYC)

The ATM Award — Albadoro Gala (Italy)

The 4-20 Award — Boo Boo Darlin (NYC)

The Floor Worker — Albadoro Gala (Italy)

The Fomo Award (Fear of Missing Out) — Albert Cadabra (NYC)

The Hot Buns Award — Bunny Buxom (NYC)

The I Woke Up Like This Award — Angie Pontani (NYC)

The Gay For The Day Award (Presented by Murray Hill) — Boo Boo Darlin (NYC) 

The Hottest Freshman Award — Corvette Le Face (NYC)

The Khaleesi Award — Dangrrr Doll

The Legends Award Presented To Val Valentine

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