J.D. Oxblood made a movie! #AnnieHall

Charly Bivona & J.D. Oxblood as Minnie Wohl & J.P. Porter on the Williamsburg waterfront in Hashtag Annie Hall, a film by JD Oxblood http://hashtaganniehall.nyc/

Charly Bivona & J.D. Oxblood as Minnie Wohl & J.P. Porter

Burlesque Beat is proud to announce that our co-founder and ex-Editor-in-Tease made a movie!

And it’s not super-sarcastic, or mean or anything. Our old sourpuss totally made a Romantic Comedy. A full-on RomCom. Something we can watch on Valentine’s Day that doesn’t suck.

#AnnieHall —A Modern Take on a Vintage Classic

Featuring the incomparable magician Matthew Holtzclaw, and with a stunning walk-on by
Gal Friday, we’re excited to see this debut film reach the airwaves.

Check out the trailer:

And if you’d like a bit more, check out the 10-minute short. [password, all caps: P#SSWORD]

J.D. has written the feature film script, and will use these short samples to raise the funds to shoot the feature.

And he’d like to cast some more burlesque performers, so stay tuned.

From the press release:

In 2014 Brooklyn, J.P. Porter, a comedy writer and burlesque host (based on the real-life J.D. Oxblood) remembers his relationship with Minnie Wohl, a vivacious millennial  Jewish woman and native New Yorker.

Inspired by Woody Allen and Marshall Brickman’s Annie Hall script, this film flips pivotal elements while updating jokes and pop-culture references. A reporter for Rolling Stone becomes a photographer for Gawker. Hollywood is replaced by ascendant Palo Alto. Manhattan as the center of the universe?—in 2014, it’s Brooklyn. “I wanted to follow those lines, but color them in using a 2014 palette,” says Oxblood.

A stunning and surprisingly original film from a debut writer/director, this witty and self-conscious Rom-Com tackles the universal tale of love and loss and subverts the quirks of Allen’s iconic film.

We’re based in Brooklyn, we love Rom-Coms, and we love the film Annie Hall —if any of these things are up your alley too, take a minute to check out the trailer for #AnnieHall.

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#AnnieHall trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zONxZYb5pyA
#AnnieHall short: https://vimeo.com/115721572 [password, all caps: P#SSWORD]

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