Letters To The Revolution: A Way To Cope


When I heard that the newly launched blog, Letters to the Revolution, would be posting words written by Dirty Martini and more words written by Adrienne Truscott of the WauWau Sisters, my ears perked up. And I’m so grateful for that. Because if not for these connections, I might have not learned about this inspiring endeavor from cabaret artist, Sabrina Chap.

Sabrina got in touch with me and posed the question, “How are we going to deal with this? How are going to cope with the next four years?”

And my first thought reflected so much of what is circulating on social media within my varying social circles. We’ll get angry! We’ll fight! We’ll scream about horrifyingly humiliating shit that he says!

Ok, that’s good. But how are we going to deal with it?

Enter Letters to the Revolution, an online platform offering up a collection of letters written to us, to each other, to our communities, to our loved ones.

Because that is really, really important, if we’re going to be strong over the next four years.

From the press release:

Everything changed on November 9th. The wake of fear from the recent election left many marginalized communities asking: ‘How can we possibly move forward with hope, strength and focus?’ Letters to the Revolution, an intersectional online platform, offers open letters of inspiration and hope from leading artists, activists, and allies. Focusing on messages of survival, strength, and hope, these letters will be messages in a bottle to those wondering how to survive and fight in the revolution for equality in the coming months and years. Readers can also contribute their own letters.

Says Chap, “The concept for Letters to the Revolution came to me when I saw the reactions of anger, fear and confusion from my friends and fellow marginalized people. On-line, the only reactions I saw were fear, anger, or desperation as the media reported each of the inane cabinet postings. All of my facebook friends’ posts were of hate and anger, and were reactionary towards the upcoming administration.  I felt exhausted, and hadn’t even begun to fight.

I realized then that in reacting to the upcoming administration, we had lost sight of who we were.  I wanted to focus our communities.  I needed to hear from our leaders.  Who are we, how will we fight, how will we protest and how will we survive these next four years?  Letters to the Revolution hopes to convert these feelings of anger and confusion into powerful tools, creating a road-map for everyone to be an activist.”

As an intersectional platform, Letters to the Revolution features letters of hope from various communities, from activists like leading climate change author and founder of 350.org, Bill McKibbens, to actors like Nik Walker (Hamilton) to allied groups like Planned Parenthood (NYC) and Greenpeace. Together, voices from all targeted communities (LGBTQ, disabled, feminist, Native American, religious minorities, POC and environmental activists) remind us that focusing on who we are will keep us stronger than focusing on who we’re fighting.

The site plans to publish two letters daily. Forthcoming letters include cabaret stars Justin Sayre (the Meeting) and Justin Vivian Bond (Kiki and Herb).

Check this out. Follow them on twitter. Be kind to one another. Remember to love. You are not alone.


Sabrina Chap, photo by Dave Sanders

Photo by Dave Sanders


Sabrina Chap is an author, songwriter and mental health advocate.  Her Lambda nominated book, Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction (Seven Stories Press) collected essays from bell hooks, Kate Bornstein, Amanda Palmer and more. She is a founding member of the Secret Variety Society (Pangea) and performs alongside the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus.  The New Yorker has called her performances, “Rousing!” and The Advocate called her work, “evocative of a contemporary Cole Porter or Tom Lehrer.”

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