Jinkies! A Hanna Barbera Cartoon Burlesque Tribute


Sevvy Skellington, Betty Quirk, Leelando Calrissian performing at Jinkies! A Hanna Barbera Burlesque Tribute, Toronto.

Sevvy Skellington, Betty Quirk, Leelando Calrissian

Jinkies! A Hanna Barbera Cartoon Burlesque Tribute

November 12, 2016

The Great Hall, Toronto, Canada

Doesn’t matter what age you are, you most likely grew up watching Hanna Barbera cartoons on Saturday mornings. You had the Flintstones, Wacky Races, and the Jetsons from way back in the ‘60s; then there was Scooby-Doo, Josie & the Pussycats and the Addams Family in the 70s; those horrible little blue Smurfs in the 80s; into the 90s with Dexter’s Laboratory and those amazing Powerpuff Girls. Hell, I still watch these today!

So when Peepshow T.O. — that amazing Toronto troupe that puts on the greatest theme shows ever — announced they were doing a Hanna Barbera show, I knew I had to be there. Jinkies — I’ve even been eyeing a Scooby-Doo LEGO set for my desk at work!

And what a show! With always-fabulous host Velvet Valhalla taking center stage as Captain Planet (remember that one — the elemental warrior summoned by The Planeteers when they combined their powers, used to fight Hoggish Greedly and Duke Nukem?), it was a step back through my childhood but with a burlesque twist — and here’s a snippet of just how fabulous the show was.


Seems like the whole gang was on hand at The Great Hall. I loved this show where there always seemed to be a mansion that could flip out of a swamp, stoners survived on dog snacks, and it was always Old Man Something-or-other perpetrating the crime (and he would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids!).


Betty Quirk performing at Jinkies! A Hanna Barbera Burlesque Tribute, Toronto.

Betty Quirk


Betty Quirk, one of the show’s producers — put on a great show as my favourite of the Scooby Gang — Velma Dinkley. She shed her nerdish exterior (and traditional orange sweater/red pleated skirt outfit) after snacking on some Soby Pot Snacks. Jinkies!

Dr. Orifice and Shaanlesque played out the quintessential “unmasking of the monster” scene only to completely fuck it up by ripping off not a mask, but his actual face! Ro-roh! After a couple of tokes, they found the perfect way to cover up this mess — just hack the innocent guy up into little pieces for trashing and snack on their Scooby Snack pasties!

The entire Scooby Gang made a brief appearance when Leelando Calrissian’s Daphne Blake got attacked by the monster of the week (as per usual). She put up a great fight to come back and show that Daphne isn’t just a pretty, empty shell but a powerful woman who can take care of herself, and her cute purple costume too!


Sticking with the classics, there were a couple of great homages to the quintessential relationship show of the time —The Flintstones.


Aviva, Dolly Berlin performing at Jinkies! A Hanna Barbera Burlesque Tribute, Toronto.

Aviva, Dolly Berlin



Aviva and Dolly Berlin were the sexiest belly-dancing burlesque Wilma and Betty you ever did see. You could just imagine that this is what the girls would be getting up to when their hot-headed husbands headed out to the quarry or the Water Buffalo Lodge. Just two BFFs letting loose and ripping off those housemarmy dresses.

Straight outta Montreal, it was Penny Romanoff who brought us a side of Fred Flintstone that we’d never seen before. Complete with electric guitar, this was no Bedrock Twitch — it was a rollicking, dancing, twitching Fred full of musical soul. Until he got hit over the head and became Wilma (but with 5 o’clock shadow) and pulled some classy ballet moves. Yabba-dabba-doo!


For the other half of us who didn’t want to have animals doing all our work for us a la Flintstones in the future, there was the utopian future of the Jetsons — that cute preppy space family with robot helper.

Charlie Quinn put on a great performance as Jetson matriarch (and super space MILF) Jane, complete with red hoop skirt dress and winged blonde hair. It was like a sexy advert for the golden age of futuristic push-button machinations, with Jane lamenting how hard life is having to get robots and machines to do everything.

Of course we all sat there and wondered — who’s going to do Rosie the Robot? You kind of have to, right? Well, that’s why we have Sky Blew, who isn’t afraid to take on the tougher characters. And holy — his Rosie was SPOT. ON. And with the most amazing pink/silver sparkle heels I have ever seen (and that would make Lady Gaga proud). His final reveal to a complete fem-bot covered in light tubes blew everyone away.


I’ll admit, this wasn’t one that I watched often, but Dolly Monroe and Dante Legend put on an amazing act as Dee-Dee and Dexter. You just knew when Dolly grabbed that space shooter and shot Dexter with it, there was going to be trouble. Especially when it’s a super sexy striptease shooter making it impossible to not take your clothes off!


Dante Legend, Dolly Monroe performing at Jinkies! A Hanna Barbera Burlesque Tribute, Toronto.

Dante Legend, Dolly Monroe



If there was anyone who could pull off the pompadour-wearing, womanizing, muscular Johnny Bravo, it was Henrietta VIII. I can’t begin to describe just how uncanny the resemblance was to the original cartoon. Once the preening was over (and there was a lot of it!), the egotistical Bravo finally got down to the manly-man striptease with much muscle-pumping.


Peepshow TO gives newcomers a chance to perform at each of their shows. This time was really special as Mescaline van Go-Go performed a great plate-spinning act as Yogi Bear. Grabbing the plates out of a found pic-a-nic basket, she spun them on tall sticks and balanced them on her chin and cleavage. It was so much fun!


This show saw the reuniting of ¾ of The Harlettes — Maria Juana, Chow Mein, and Rouge La Rouge — as the epitome of cartoon girl power, the Powerpuff Girls. After Mojo Jojo steals their blanket, the girls lose their shit and do their iconic synchronized flight scene, one are outstretched, as they go after the bumbling villain. After drinking some mysterious liquid, they become super strong  (you can tell by them taking their clothes off) and beat the crap out of Mojo. Yay!


Harlettes performing at Jinkies! A Hanna Barbera Burlesque Tribute, Toronto.




The awesome producers of the show — Sevvy Skellington, Betty Quirk, and Leelando Calrissian — gave us some insight into the original audition of Josie & The Pussycats. After being shut down by a Simon Cowell soundalike, they come together, suck it up, and decide to perform anyway. No one’s going to put them down, and they’re striptease proved that!


So growing up, I wanted to be a part of the Addams Family — I watched this show from the age of 4 and thought they were the bomb. Morticia Adams was so beautiful! So when Zilly Lilly came out as Morticia, I was in love. Not only did she get the look down pat, the act was so great — with Morticia going to the back of the stage so that Thing (you know, Thing, the disembodied hand?) could help her strip out of her gorgeous black sparkly gown. And the cobwebs all over her corset and costume? To die for! Such attention to detail is why I love Zilly!


Zilly Lilly performing at Jinkies! A Hanna Barbera Burlesque Tribute, Toronto.

Zilly Lilly


Great show as always, guys!

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