Praise for Burlesque Beat and Co-founder Bios

Melody Mudd, Editor-in-Tease:

Melody Mudd has happily immersed herself in the burlesque community by way of a 50mm lens. Born and bled in Queens, she lives in Brooklyn and plays all over the world, taking snapshots of all kinds of stuff along the way. Her photographs have appeared in Time Out New York, Burlesque Magazine, the Brooklyn Paper, IONArts, the Washington Times, 21 Century Burlesque, and of course, where it all began, She thanks you for taking the time to visit this site and encourages you to return.

J.D. Oxblood, Contributing Editor:

In grade school, punishment for acting up in class was “writing sentences.” Thus, writing and misbehaving became permanently linked in the mind of J.D. Oxblood, enabling him to  become a self-styled burlexicologist. Oxblood’s burlesque work has been seen on, Burlesque Magazine, 21st Century Burlesque, and Zelda. His academic work has been seen in Borrowers & Lenders. Oxblood has judged for the Naked Girls Reading literary honors (2011 & 2012), and was voted “King of Breakfast” by Cooking for Strippers.


“BurlesqueBeat is an extremely valuable resource. In a world where glitter and tassels fly constantly it’s so important that someone is keeping track of it all!”
World Famous *BOB*, Performer

“I love Burlesque Beat for it fabulously comprehensive and dedicated coverage of every event they review. I also appreciate their total candid and unswayed critiques. They are an honest and true voice in the community. And the site makes me laugh a lot; it’s just the right amount of humor, sass, tease and sarcasm…it is burlesque!”
Angie Pontani, World Famous Pontani Sisters

“BurlesqueBeat strives to bring journalistic integrity to a misunderstood art form. BurlesqueBeat has got its finger on the pulse of burlesque.”
Michelle L’amour, Reigning Queen of Burlesque, 2005, and founder of Naked Girls Reading

“I love the way [BurlesqueBeat] revives and re-imagines the best writing from men’s magazines of the 60s and 70s. It keeps the hot-pumping life blood in writing about burlesque and it keeps me connected to the epicenter of the (most recent) revival.”
—the late Julie Vogt, Professor of Fine and Performing Arts

“In addition to having the most comprehensive burlesque show calendar in the world, I read Burlesque Beat because I adore J.D.Oxblood’s poetic words and Melody Mudd’s stunning photographs. However, the fact that they’re charming, notably hot people sealed the deal for me. It’s true, I am indeed that shallow.”
Ophelia Flame, Producer and Performer

“JD, you rule.”
Jo “Boobs” Weldon, Headmistress, New York School of Burlesque

“Big thanks for your thorough/intelligent/gonzo review of one of my Favorite Shows Ever [The Lily’s Revenge]. Nice that you took the time, know your shit, and write with a flair that the Times would blush to publish.
Tigger!, the original King of Boylesque

I love Burlesque Beat, it’s an honest publication. Lots of other Burlesque critics just feed into the dangerous world of the “group-hug mentality.” Burlesque Beat tells it like it is and by publishing truth rather than fluff, it gives the burlesque world an extra dose of validity!
Darlinda Just Darlinda, Producer and Performer

“Thank you so much for this wonderful article. I was backstage most of the night and it’s great to hear such positive feedback on what I missed out on.”
—xo, Roxi Dlite, Queen of Burlesque 2010

“What poetry! You brought a big smile to my face with this review, JD!”
—Love, Kellita, Performer

“I’m obsessed with J.D. Oxblood’s BurlesqueBeat summaries from BHoF 12. He captures the magic of each show so well, we get to re-live the glittery magic.”
Frenchie Kiss, Performer

“Check it out. It’s the Lois Lane of Photography.” — Some other photographer, of Melody Mudd