One of the goals of BurlesqueBeat is to find, cultivate and encourage budding burlexicologists and photographers the world over. We’re also interested in burlesque historians, art in other media inspired by burlesque, costume designers, musicians, unique performance spaces, related arts such as sideshow and circus, innovative new acts and explosive personalities. If it connects however tangentially to burlesque, we’d like to hear about it.

Burlexicography 101: How to write about burlesque

    • Burlexicography: n. 1. The written description of a burlesque performance 2. Commentary on the art of burlesque or related fields [J.D. Oxblood, 2010]
    • If you think you’d like to write about burlesque, and you’re not already a performer, I strongly encourage you to go to a hundred more burlesque shows and think about it some more. Burlesque demands a different approach from the usual forms of critique common to other theatrical forms such as live music, dance, straight theatre, or film.



Be respectful.
These performers take their clothes off in public; you don’t. Always be respectful when writing about performers, and always be respectful when approaching them in public and/or online.

Know your subject.
Be familiar with classic burlesque and know the intricacies of your local scene, such as venues and influential producers. Most importantly, know your local performers.

Cover the basics.
Describe the event in terms of venue, audience, costumes, music, movement, allusions, and overall aesthetic.

Have a point of view.
Know what you like, and be able to articulate why.

Only offer constructive criticism if you can back it up,
and if you have the balls.

Be entertaining.
Otherwise, no one wants to read your shit.



Don’t be a bitch.
Criticism is an expression of the failure of artistic execution; it cannot be defined as arbitrary aesthetic delineation. If a performer’s figure isn’t your cup of tea, go home and surf internet porn.

Don’t be a bitch.
Some performers welcome criticism, others won’t abide. If you know your local scene, you’ll know when to keep your mouth shut.

Don’t be a bitch.
You’ll find yourself shut out of the scene like a virgin at an orgy.



If you are interested in submitting a show gallery to Burlesque Beat, please contact us with a link to some of your work. Please note that, in keeping with the mutual respect and understanding between burlesque performers and photographers, Burlesque Beat, as a general rule, does not publish  obvious, full-on images of the naughty bits unless in the case of an all-nude show or some similar situation. Burlesque Beat will remove any photograph from its site at the request of the performer represented.